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Luminaria: Arts Night in San Antonio March 2008
LENS Dwayne Bohuslav
Joanne Brigham
  • LENS is a site-specific performed installation
    located in Peacock Alley just east of Broadway Street in downtown San Antonio.
  • LENS hangs vertically from the fire stair and above Peacock Alley between the World Trade Center Building at 118 Broadway Street and the adjacent building to the south.
  • LENS, a 32-foot diameter aluminum ring, selectively re-focuses a delicately balanced axis revealing a suspended string grid: a three-dimensional map and drawing through space.
  • LENS began when the installation was lifted into place above the alley and attached to the fire stair railing. As the evening progressed sound and light activated the performed installation until midnight.
  • LENS is a work by an ongoing collaboration
    between Dwayne Bohuslav and Joanne Brigham that explores the interplay of the body, natural materials,
    technology and space.
  • LENS was part of the San Antonio city-wide Luminaria: Arts Night in San Antonio on Saturday March 15, 2008



Light-weight, temporary details devised from off-the-shelf hardware is typical of the materials and connections used in the installation. Turnbuckles, light gauge stranded cable, threaded rod and gate clamps were readily available from our local hardware suppliers.




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