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Friedrich Installation Spaces January 2004
Demolition of Site Dwayne Bohuslav Joanne Brigham
  • The destruction of a historical site that is the prerequisite for progress.
  • To make use of things that have outlived their usefulness.
  • Treating the pastness of things as a means to interrogate the very foundations of progress.
  • Using an obsolete building as its principal medium, it collapsed the mythical publicness of the architectural site into the more obscure art object itself.
  • Founded upon absence and loss.


Dwayne Bohuslav is an architect, professor at San Antonio College Architecture Program and artist's collaborative with Joanne Brigham. He has been exploring the symbiosis of the material and the electronic through detachable assemblages employing sensor and cannibalized motor/sound/light responses. The installations engage existing structures lightly in ways that attempt to reveal conflict in our daily lives between the natural and the increasing presence of the virtual, technological world.

Demolition of Site is the title for a site-specific temporary installation  for the Friedrich Building in San Antonio Texas.

Demolition of Site will open to the public with a performance on downtown's Third Thursday, 15 January and have a second performance on First Friday, February 06.

Demolition of Site will explore the use of an obsolete building, the first factory building constructed for the Friedrich Refrigeration Company on the site in East San Antonio in 1924.  Making use of the artifacts in the building that have outlived their usefulness and using the building as the principal medium, the installation/performance will collapse the publicness of the architectural site into a more obscure art object using sound, light, building recycled mechanical and structural systems, and (4) alchemical suspended cast rubber cones that founded upon absence and loss discovered in the process of historically and physically investigating the site.  As the first factory building constructed on the site, it was originally a planning mill.  Much of the building was employed to construct assemblies for the early "floating air" coolers that were the principal product in the early days of the Friedrich Refrigeration Company's success in 1931.  The wood and metal shavings were exhausted through a huge duct and blower assembly to an elevated exterior silo.  These and other elements of the building have been activated in order to telescope the past with the present.

Joanne Brigham


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